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Heidelberg Criminal Lawyer

For over 10 years, Shaun Pascoe operated out of a Heidelberg Criminal Law office and attended the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court frequently for a variety of contested criminal and intervention order cases. 

If you are required to attend the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court contact us for an obligation-free case assessment


Have the benefit of an experienced Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law Specialist represent you at Court.  We are happy to talk through your options and discuss how you might best prepare for your day in Court.

Heidelberg Criminal Lawyer

Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court

The Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court is located at Jika Street, Heidelberg. The Court at Heidelberg operates in both the criminal (Adult and Children) and civil jurisdiction.

The Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court provides an accused person the opportunity of rehabilitation through the Court Integrated Support Program (CISP).

The Court is one of several throughout the State that operates a specialist Family Violence Court and hears both civil (applications for Family Violence Intervention Orders) and criminal cases concerning prosecutions for family violence related offending (assaults, criminal damage, breaches of Intervention Orders).

Case Studies

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