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Fight Charges & Avoid Penalties

Get expert legal advice and representation for any allegation of trafficking or cultivating a drug of dependence, or any other drug related offence.

Penalties will vary greatly depending upon the nature of the offence. The penalties for drug offences in Victoria vary depending upon the type and quantity of drugs involved and the circumstances in which the offence occurs.  Drug offences in Victoria are prosecuted under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Vic). The penalties for a drug offence can vary greatly. At the lowest end, the offence of Possess drug of dependence, can be heard in the Magistrates Court, and depending upon the circumstances an offender might be eligible for a diversion or an adjourned undertaking.

Cultivate a Drug of Dependence & Traffic in a Drug of Dependence

On the other hand, more serious drug offences such as Trafficking in a drug of dependence will result in harsher penalties, including imprisonment. Where the drug offending amounts to a commercial enterprise (trafficking or cultivating a commercial or large commercial quantity of drugs) the offence will be heard in the County or Supreme Court.


Drug Driving Offences

Drug driving offences like drink driving offences carry mandatory disqualification periods under the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic). And as with drink driving offences several factors determine the length of disqualification.


These factors include:

  • Whether a first or second offence.  A second offence will result in a doubling of the disqualification period.

  • Whether the offence is a exceed PCD (exceed prescribed concentration of drugs), or a refusal offence (such as refusing to provide a saliva sample for testing.


Unfortunately, there is no provision for a conditional work license and so it is very important to obtain legal advice to explore the possibilities of a defence, and to otherwise mitigate the penalty.

Serious Drug Offences

For an overview of the elements and penalties of the offences of possess drug of dependence , cultivate a narcotic plant, and trafficking in a drug of dependence, refer to our blog.

Prepare early, and get advice for any drug related offence

Always get advice to explore your options. Contact us if you have been charged with a drug offence. If you are charged with a drug offence either under the Drugs Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Vic) or the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic). Call our office on (03) 9668 7600.  We can organise a case assessment and provide you with advice as to your options.

Drug Offence Resources

CASE STUDY: Cultivate a Narcotic Plant.

Outcome: $600 fine and received the statutory minimum of 6 months license disqualification.


Fight Charges & Avoid Penalties

CASE STUDY: Dangerous Driving, Fail to Obey Direction to Stop Vehicle.

Outcome: Without conviction, fine $800, minimum statutory disqualification of 12 months.

Drug Offences

Traffic Offences

Do you have to appear in Court for Dangerous Driving, Fail to leave name and address, Drive disqualified, or any other traffic offence?
Get expert advice and representation from an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist.  

Traffic offences such as Dangerous driving, careless driving, Drive whilst disqualified, Fail to leave name and address, are prosecuted under the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic).  

Many of these offences carry the risk of license suspension or cancellation. Some categories of traffic offences, such as drink or drug driving may result in mandatory license disqualification. ​

Dangerous Driving

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