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Traffic Offences

Dangerous driving, careless driving, drive whilst license suspended and other traffic offences prosecuted under the Road Safety Act 1986 (Vic).

Drink Driving Offences

The length of the disqualification period depends upon the particular offence and various factors.

Drug Offences

The penalties vary depending upon the type and quantity of drugs involved and the circumstances in which the offence occurs.

Family Violence Offences

Assaults causing injury, harassment, stalking, threats to kill, Breach Family Violence Intervention Order and others.

Assault & Threat Offences

Assault, threats, or stalking offences can vary greatly depending upon the seriousness of the circumstances of the alleged offending.

Firearm Offences

The penalties for offences under the Firearms Act 1996 (Vic) depend upon whether the accused person is a prohibited or non-prohibited person. 

Property Offences

The penalties available for property offences vary greatly, and are not necessarily representative of the maximum penalty available.  

Sexual Offences

In Victoria, the sexual offences prosecuted by our Courts are contained in the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic). Depending upon the seriousness of the allegation, a sexual offence will usually be heard in either the Magistrates' Court or the County Court.

Diversion Applications

A diversion is a court outcome that enables a person to avoid a criminal history.

Intervention Orders

Family Violence Intervention Orders
& Personal Safety Intervention Orders

Bail Applications

The issue of bail usually arises following the arrest of a person and a subsequent police interview.

Royal Commissions & IBAC

If you receive a witness summons to attend to give evidence or produce documents at a Royal Commission.

Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Pascoe Criminal Law provides representation for all criminal law matters and related Intervention Order proceedings across all Courts in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

The principal Court operating at the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court is located at 233 William Street, Melbourne.

The Court hears both criminal cases (summary and indictable offences) and a civil jurisdiction for disputes up to the value of $100,000 (debts, actions for damages, monetary disputes).  In addition, the Court has an Intervention Order jurisdiction (Family Violence and Personal Safety).

The Court has a variety of other specialist services and Courts including:


The Melbourne Magistrates’ Court is the starting point for serious indictable cases that progress from a filing hearing, through a committal process, and then on to either the County or Supreme Court. 

Most committal hearings across Victoria are held at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

The Court operates a dedicated sexual offence list, where matters are case managed and finalised either in the Magistrates’ Court or proceed to the County Court.

A short distance from the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court is the Melbourne Children’s Court which sits daily.

Case Studies

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