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Melbourne Supreme Court Lawyer

​If you are required to attend the Supreme Court of Victoria to respond to any allegation of criminal offending contact us for an obligation free case assessment.

Melbourne Supreme Court Lawyer

Supreme Court of Victoria

The Supreme Court of Victoria is located at 210 William Street Victoria in the legal precinct of Lonsdale and William Streets shared by the Magistrates’ Court and County Court.

The areas of the Court are:

  • Criminal division

  • Common law division

  • Commercial law division

  • Costs court

  • Court of Appeal


As with the County Court, the Supreme Court has both trial and appellate jurisdictions. Whereas the County Court hears appeals from the Magistrates’ and Children’s Court the Supreme Court hears
appeals from the County Court.

Several very serious offences are heard in the Supreme Court and these include:


  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Large commercial drug trafficking

  • Treason

  • Terrorism offences


These offences will often proceed through the Magistrates' Court through to the Supreme Court by way of committal proceedings.  

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