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Property Offences

Charged with a property offence, or white collar crime offence? We provide legal advice and representation at Court for all property offences in Victoria

Property offences in Victoria are generally prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic).  Several of the most prevalent property offences include:


- Theft;

- Handle/receive stolen goods;

- Burglary;

- Robbery;

- Obtain property by decepton;

- Obtain financial advantage by deception.

Our Courts also hear property offences prosecuted in contravention of federal legislation (for example, welfare fraud, taxation offences, corporate crime).

The Magistrates’ Court has jurisdiction to hear property offences where the value of the property is less than $100,000.

Offences which exceed this financial limit are heard in the County Court of Victoria.   Most property offences contained in the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) are indictable offences.  The penalties available for property offences vary greatly, and are not necessarily representative of the maximum penalty available.   Theft, although attracting a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment may be referred for a diversion where the property value is low.  Similarly, the same is true for handle/receive stolen goods.  

Early preparation is often key in defending property offences.  If you have to go to Court to answer an property offence, call our office on (03) 9668 7600 to organise a case assessment.

A message regarding our operations during Covid 19

Pascoe Criminal Law continues to operate during the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to monitor the impact of Covid-19 upon the legal profession and the clients we service.  We are available for telephone or video-conference to discuss your case and are committed to providing you with support during this difficult and uncertain period. 


For new queries, you can access advice and court representation through phone or video conference (Zoom or Microsoft Teams). We are committed to providing support to our clients through this period of uncertainty. Refer to our services page for a listing of the professional legal services we offer.


Fight Charges & Avoid Penalties

CASE STUDY: Criminal Damage

Outcome: Successful Application for Diversion.

Our client was charged with Criminal Damage. The background to the incident that resulted
in the criminal charges was ongoing conflict between our client and his former housemate.

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