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Sexual Offences

Sex Offence Solicitors Melbourne.  We provide advice and representation at Court for sexual offences prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1958 Vic).

Sexual offences are prevalent in Victoria. According to statistics published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2019, Victoria had the 3rd lowest rate of sexual offence offending across Australia (behind Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory).


In Victoria, the sexual offences prosecuted by our Courts are contained in the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic). The scenarios out of which a sexual allegation will arise are numerous. Within a workplace scenario, allegations of sexual harassment, may result in criminal charges. For sexual offences brought under the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) no time limit applies, and it is commonplace for the Courts to hear allegations of a historical nature dating back many years.


Depending upon the seriousness of the allegation, a sexual offence will usually be heard in either the Magistrates' Court or the County Court. The law regards sexual offending against children as being particularly serious and these types of charges are heard in the County Court.


The consequences of being charged with a sexual offence can be severe, and legal advice should be obtained urgently

Being charged with a sexual offence can have life altering consequences, and legal advice should always be sought, and sought early as to how to respond to any sexual offence allegation.  For allegations involving children, even where they are historical in nature (going back many decades for instance), the consequences of a finding of guilt will inevitably lead to adverse consequences such as registration under the Sex Offenders Register (as governed by the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 (Vic)).  For more information regarding the implications of the Sex Offender Registration Act refer to our blog.

If you are facing an allegation of sexual offending, early preparation is key. Call our office on

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