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How to Find the Right Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

When you’re going through a legal issue It can be difficult to find the right criminal lawyer in Melbourne, Victoria.

You can use online services that provide lawyer profiles or you can get referrals from friends and colleagues. Although personal recommendations are valuable, it’s important to find a lawyer with the right legal expertise in a specific area of law.

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What Should I Look for in a Criminal Lawyer?

1. Legal Experience

The type of lawyer you’ll need depends on your needs and situation. There are many different types of practice areas within criminal law and each area has its own unique set of skills and requirements including:

  • Court representation for all criminal charges (summary and indictable)

  • Intervention Order Proceedings (defending police applications)

  • Bail applications

  • Children’s Court

  • Committal proceedings

  • Jury trials

  • Contested Family Violence Intervention Orders

  • Contested Personal Safety Intervention Orders

  • Written advocacy regarding personal security & firearm licenses

  • Representation at Royal Commissions, IBAC, Victorian Ombudsman

If you’re not sure which areas of law might be best suited to your needs, check out your local Law Society and they will point you in the right direction. Don’t judge a lawyer by their office, size of firm, or their age. The key is how experienced they are with dealing with your sort of legal issue. Another aspect you should consider is whether your solicitor is an accredited specialist in criminal law (although there are many good lawyers who may not have specialist accreditation).

2. Legal Fees

Choosing the right criminal law firm is especially important when it comes to legal costs. You should know the firm’s fee structure and find out if there are any additional charges, such as court fees or document costs. It’s now common to be charged fixed-fees, rather than an hourly rate this means you are aware of the full cost upfront. Remember to ensure that the agreement of costs is in writing before hiring a lawyer.

What’s The Best Site to Find a Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne?

You can use online services that provide lawyer profiles and in some cases, reviews. There are many legal directories on the internet, and it’s is easy to locate a criminal lawyer through the yellow/white pages. Some websites provide lawyer profiles and reviews of criminal lawyers based in Melbourne, Victoria.

These websites include (in no particular order):

Questions to Ask a Criminal Lawyer Before an Interview

Always contact the lawyer before the face-to-face interview to get a better understanding of their legal expertise and the quality of work they provide. This leads to a better client experience, increased stability with your legal situation, and better understanding of their law firm.

You should feel comfortable asking questions about fees and experience that are relevant to your case. The following questions will help you determine whether the lawyer is the right choice for your needs. You can compare these answers to help you choose the lawyers you would like to interview.

  1. How long have you been practicing law in Melbourne, Victoria?

  2. Other than a practicing certificate, do you have any specialist accreditations?

  3. Have you handled similar cases to mine? Do you have any case studies?

  4. Do you have online reviews?

  5. Do you provide a free case assessment? What information should I prepare?

  6. What are your legal fees? Will there be any other costs?

  7. What would be your approach to winning my case?

  8. Do you have time to take in my case? Will anyone else be working on my case?

  9. If you can’t help, can you recommend another lawyer?

Final Thoughts on How to Find the Right Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

A criminal lawyer has a duty to inform you in detail about your rights and any other possible options. A lawyer’s job is to give advice, though it’s ultimately up to you to decide which option suits your needs.

Have you been contacted to attend a police interview or are you intending to get criminal law representation for an upcoming court date in Melbourne, Victoria?

We can help. We pride ourselves on getting the best results for our clients by providing high quality advice and court representation. We service all courts and jurisdictions in Melbourne, and regional Victoria.

To better understand your situation, we offer a free initial case assessment, and fixed fees for representation at Court. If you intend to secure the best outcome for your situation, simply call our office on (03) 9668 7600 or book an appointment through our website.


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