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Excellent to communicate with and very professional, always contactable and approachable. Explained the case in terms that were understandable and concise and listened and took into account any concerns raised. Organised the court proceedings to gain the best outcome possible. 

From my initial phone call Shaun provided a comforting voice explaining the process l was about to undertake, keeping me informed over several days via phone/email/sms - at all hours including late evening and at a time when covid-19 stage 4 restrictions applied.  

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The most desirable outcome was achieved. Shaun`s professionalism and technical skill invoked a high level of trust and reassurance, I knew he was going to do everything he could to help me. 

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Comforted my nerves whilst always being truthful. I truthfully couldn't of asked for a better firm.

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Excellent firm and Shaun is a true professional. Gave me a better understanding of the legal system and gave me the support I needed at a very difficult time.

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I found Shaun’s services to be very prompt and professional. I was able to rely on his experience and expertise while knowing he was taking care of my situation.